Junior Pole Tricks and Combos

Junior Pole Tricks and Combos

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In Junior Pole classes, basic pole dance moves and acrobatics are taught, different movement sequences are combined and short choreographies are made. First-timers or juniors who have been practicing pole dancing or others sports welcome.

The class is intended for 10-14 year olds.

The season includes 19 hours of teaching

Schedule: Saturdays 21.1.-27.5.2023 at 10:15-11:15

NOTE! no classes during winter vacation 25.2. and on Easter 8.4.

It is good for the child to have a bottle of water to quench their thirst and their own small towel for cleaning the pole during class. The clothes should be light and comfortable sports clothes. It's a good idea to always have shorts on the go, because in barbell classes you need skin friction to perform upside-down movements.

The group is an amateur group, but those interested in competing can email store@impi.fi

Directed by Marianne Kovasin
By profession, Marianne is a biology geography teacher. In addition to her day job, she has been guiding various group exercise classes since 2012. Marianne's specialties: Aerial yoga, Aerial acrobatics and pole tricks

In case of illness: If the child gets sick and cannot participate, please contact us on Whatsapp or by calling +358505434615