Pole Stripheels & Show - Spring 2023

Pole Stripheels & Show - Spring 2023

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In the Pole Stripheels & Show class, different styles of elementary show-like choreography are built. The class focuses on enjoying pole dancing and bold expression in great heels. Choreographies change every 3-4 weeks, they can be soft and sensual or strong and fast.

The class is suitable for those who already have some experience in pole dancing, but with heels you can also be a first-timer.
Choreos include basic spins on the bar, different sets of steps around the bar and floorwork. It's guaranteed to be hot while dancing, so please bring a water bottle and a towel to wipe the bar.

You can dress however you like, shorts are not mandatory, knee pads or leggings may be necessary for the floor sections. We also try a spin rod for one koreo during the season. Welcome to dance!

The season includes 19 hours of teaching.

Schedule: 9.1.-29.5.2023
Mondays at 18:45-19:45

NOTE! No classes on 10.4. the second Easter day and 1.5. Labor Day

Director: Tina

Create an account in our booking system www.varaaheti.fi/impi then we will add you to each class.

Cancellation policies: Cancellations from the appointment system 6 hours before the start of the class. Notification by e-mail store@impi.fi. We compensate a maximum of 1 hour/season.

In cases of illness: If you get sick or your child gets sick and you can't participate, please contact us on WhatsApp or by calling +358505434615. Compensation will be agreed with each person individually.

Uncancelled lessons cannot be compensated.

Impi Studio members use the discount code ImpiMember - 15% of the price

Student/unemployed use the discount code ALENNUSR -15% of the price

Student's must send a copy of the student card/certificate by e-mail after purchase.

Unemployment allowance the condition is that you email the latest daily allowance payment receipt or calculation or Kela's/unemployment fund's daily allowance decision.

e-mail store@impi.fi