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The pole dancing start course offers participants a great opportunity to get to know the world of pole dancing. The course starts with the basics of pole dancing. Participants will learn basic movements such as holds and spins while strengthening upper body and core muscles. During the lessons, it is also possible to experience tricks upside down on the pole.

In addition to learning tricks, the course focuses on developing strength and mobility, creating a solid foundation for more advanced pole dance moves. The atmosphere is encouraging and stimulating, which helps the participants overcome any insecurities and enjoy the challenges of pole dancing.

The course is aimed at first timers, and the lessons do not require any experience in pole dancing, other dance or acrobatics. We progress according to everyone's own skill level.

The course includes 8 hours of teaching.

Schedule 20.11.- 15.12.2023
on Mondays at 20:00-21:00
on Fridays at 17:30-18:30
Directed by Tina & Sanni

Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes, short shorts are good to wear or under long pants. Also take a water bottle with you because thirst can surprise you and a small towel with which you can wipe sweat from your forehead or bar if necessary.

All classes and courses are held at Impi Studio, at Pasilankatu 10, Helsinki.

If you only get to participate once a week, ask about places for a half course. We compensate a maximum of 1 absence with a course. In cases of illness, we handle each case personally, so please contact us by phone 0453558022.