Spiralling by Estefanía Jiménez 23.3.2024

Spiralling by Estefanía Jiménez 23.3.2024

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This workshop includes a 30 minute full body warm up with some conditioning exercises.
In this workshop students will learn two static combos, focusing on creating fluidity in motion by exploring upright rotations, maximizing spin on static by learning fun and interesting transitions to level up your static pole repertoire.

LEVEL :high beginner and up (Students must be comfortable with full bracket grip)

HEELS: optional

KNEE PADS: no required

Two different choreos on saturday and sunday

💋 Time: Saturday 23.3.2024 17:15 -18:45 90min

Instructor: @Estefjimpa

Impi members -15% use code ImpiJäsen


Estefania is an old school pole dancer based in Mexico, with almost ten years of experience, she started pole dance back to 2013 after having an intensive training in ice skating and Ballet in her younger years. She has been teaching and performing all around the world for years in different studios, pole retreats and camps.


The purchase of the workshop is a binding registration. We will only refund the money if you get sick and cancel your participation before the workshop and you also provide a doctor's certificate. However, you can always sell your place to someone if you cannot participate yourself. You can also ask if there is anyone in the waiting list call or message +358505434615