My name:  Helina. But people also like to call me Hellikaz 🤭

Instagram:  @hellikaz 

What do I teach:  dancing in heels, various styles but mostly spicy stuff 🌶️

My Family:  my mister and my daughter

Favourite colour:  all are gorgeous in their own way

Favourite animal:  sloth

Favourite food:  basically everything that isn't cooked by me

Favourite music:  hip hop and DnB but I’m open to all genres

Favourite TV shows:  Game of Thrones, Dexter, Lucifer, Prison Break, Walking Dead, Narcos, Breaking Bad, South Park. I know it’s too much time spent on TV shows. But I have no regrets 😄

When I grow up..:  I’m there. And I would still love to live in a tropical climate

Funniest way to spend time: traveling, horse riding, learning new physical skills, taking dance classes, spending time with my homies

I would like to learn:  to play a piano, to speak Spanish, to dance hip hop, to stay committed to stretching 🙃