My name: Sky

Social media: Instagram -> @pole_feminist TikTok -> @pole_feminist

What do I teach: Pole, Pole Heels, Aerial Hoop and Aerial Hoop Heels

My Family: 2 Birman Cats, 1 Dobermann, 1 Homo Sapiens Man 

Favourite colour: Black 🖤 

Favourite animal: Reindeer 🦌 

I like to read…: Horror and Fantasy Fiction 💀

Favourite food: Turkish Dumplings 🥟 

When I grow Up…: I’ll be a professional ice hockey player!!! 🏒 

The most fun way to spend time: Playing pc games

My hobby: .. playing pc games? 😅 Mostly mmorpg’s or shooters

What music do I listen to: Doom metal - heavy metal

My favorite bands: Iron Maiden / Rammstein / Five Finger Death Punch / Empyrium

I would like to learn: Finnish 🤣

My motto is: F&@$ it, might as well. 🤷🏻‍♀️