My name: Saija

Instagram: @saijadasilva

What do I teach: Aerial acrobatics, pole dance, burlesque, aerial yoga

My family: Husband and our cats Mishka, Koshka, Neko, Kuro, Kira and Lalaith

Favourite colour: Teal

Favourite animal: Well, cats... But also mongooses!

Favourite food: Vegan sushi

Favourite movie genre: Horror and especially zombies

Favourite holiday: Halloween!

When I grow up: I want to be a shameless, flexible and strong granny

Best way to spend time: Mysteries, escape rooms and other puzzles, movies, board games, video games and of course dancing in the air

I would like to learn: to sew beautiful outfits, to make electronic music and to be fluent in all the languages I speak