My name is: Hanne

Some : @hanne_vartiainen

What I teach: Aerial acrobatics with silks, ring trapeze and hammock at Imp, as well as baby and toddler circus 

My family includes: my partner 

My favorite color: Black

Favorite animal: I love animals, but yes it is dogs

Favorite book: Hanna Brotherus: My last home has had a big impact. This varies and is updated all the time

Favorite food: Fish curry made by my partner. Proper comfort food made with time and love

When I grow up: I'll continue to get excited about new things and toast towards them

Funniest way to spend time: Moving/being in the air (usually on a rope), Spending time with friends and loved ones, 

My hobbies: Sauna in public saunas, reading, water running

I would like to learn: all the time more. There isn't time for everything. I strive to deepen my knowledge continuously and widely from different perspectives. Something really concrete that I want to learn is to twist the rope into a solid.