Impi Studio is the home of dance and acrobatics in Helsinki.

There are plenty of classes in our range of classes.

Pole dancing, acrobatics, burlesque, twerking, heels, aerial acrobatics and aerial yoga.

Check out the class selection and class descriptions in the reservation system. You can view the class description in the reservation system by clicking on the letter "i" next to the class.


Impi studio is located at Pasilankatu 10. You can find our studio right next to the Shopping Center Tripla on the Länsi-Pasila side.

We follow the principles of a safer space.

A safe space means that everyone has the freedom to be themselves, to express themselves freely and to be involved in all activities. In a safe space, all harassment is strictly prohibited. Harassment is any action or behavior that is oppressive, creates a hostile and unpleasant atmosphere, or threatens a person or group of people.

Respect and treat every training partner well <3