My name is: Marika Hongisto

Instagram: @marikahongisto

What I teach: Open level pole dancing and active movement in the mornings at Imp.

Profession: Gym owner (Fitnesse Gym Klaukkala), Sfu's official fitness coach, nutrition coach, personal trainer, mobility instructor, pole dance coach. ,

My family includes: My husband Markus, my teenage son and a bonus daughter.

My favorite color: 🖤❤️‍🔥

Favorite animal: Panther and Friesian horse 🖤.

Favorite book: I never read anything other than studying, I listen to a lot of podcasts, e.g. fitness related.

Favorite food: Sushi 🤩

When I grow up...: I travel a lot and maybe have my own apartment abroad, where I sometimes live for a few months of the year 🤩.

Funniest way to spend time: Netflix and loose candies 🤩, because the rest of life is going so wonderfully and being social is so wonderful sometimes. And, of course, family fun ❤️.

My hobbies: Fitness sports, bikini fitness and artistic fitness competitor and pole dancing.