My name is: Riikka, Riksu, Rinkula 

Social media: IG @riikkapentinsaari @virtaustila

What I teach: Hammocks and aerial yoga on Impi's Thursday evenings and sit ring, yin yoga, flow yoga, slowing down

My favorite color: Turquoise, purple, orange

Favorite animal: Squashable and stroking

Favorite food: Nachopelti in Lieme blog, persimmon, baked vegetables

Funniest way to spend time: Swimming, sauna, nature activities together and alone and good conversations without jumping, eating 

Hobbies: Swimming, walking, meditation, yoga, writing, dancing

I would like to learn: Contemporary dance

When I grow up…: Ah! I must be studying again and again. I'll share what I've learned. I move my body. I remember to breathe. I am myself. And I disconnect sometimes.