Children's Acrobatics and Pole Dance Lessons at Impi Studio

Impi Studio organizes children's acrobatics and pole dancing lessons again this fall! The classes offer children an excellent opportunity to develop their physical skills in a fun and safe way. The courses start on August 17 and end on December 14, offering a total of 17 hours of energetic and developing exercise.

Course Information

  • Start date: 17 August 2024
  • Closing date: December 14, 2024
  • Number of hours: 17 hours
  • Place: Impi Studio
  • 1. group 6-8 years Saturdays at 10:15-11:15
  • 2. group 9-13 years old Saturdays from 10:15 to 11:15

Acrobatics lessons

In acrobatics classes, children can practice body control, balance and flexibility with the help of various movements and tricks. The classes focus on, among other things, somersaults, handstands and various acrobatic combinations as well as different aerial acrobatics equipment such as hoop, silks and hammock. Our instructors ensure that each child receives individual guidance and support to develop their skills.

Pole dancing lessons

In pole dancing lessons, children get to know the fascinating world of this sport. Pole dancing combines strength, flexibility and danceability, and it offers versatile exercises for the whole body. Children's pole dancing classes emphasize safety and fun, and instructors help children learn new moves and improve their technique step by step.

Why Choose Impi Studio?

  • Professional Instructors: All our instructors are experienced and trained exercise professionals who know how to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment.
  • Versatile Exercises: With our classes, children get the opportunity to develop versatilely and discover new physical passions.
  • Community atmosphere: Impi Studio is known for its warm and encouraging atmosphere, where every child feels welcome.

We welcome all children to join us for a happy and active autumn at Impi Studio!

More information and registration:

Small group 6-8 years old

Adults' group 9-13 years old

If you have any questions, please call  or message 0453558022

Welcome aboard!