MEMBERSHIP €119 / month (12-month fixed-term)

MEMBERSHIP €119 / month (12-month fixed-term)

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Includes all bookable weekly hours. Excluding courses and workshops.

The membership is valid immediately from the moment of purchase, or if you want to start the membership later, please let us know by emailing

Membership is a 12-month fixed-term contract, which automatically becomes indefinite after 12 months. Membership cannot be terminated or suspended in the middle of the fixed period (excluding illness, pregnancy and military service). After the 12-month term, you have a 1-month notice period.

The member must reserve a place for the class through the reservation system. Waiting in line for a class is also possible and recommended. The class must be canceled 6 hours before it starts (12h morning classes) or there will be a €15 fee in connection with the next membership fee.

Reservation system ->

When you buy a membership, you pay the first monthly payment in advance, after which we send you an invoice for the following monthly payments. If you buy a membership fee in the middle of the season, the payments will be equalized in the first invoice.

For members -15% discount on season fees, courses, intensive courses and workshops with the code ImpiJäsen

As a member, you train at the cheapest prices.

Limited quantity for sale.