My name: Reetta Mällinen, better known as Retu

Social media: Instagram -> @retu_Impi tiktok - > @retu_impi

My job at Impi: Everything. I buy, sell and act as an importer, market, update websites and social media, answer emails (sorry I'm so slow), throw parties, design hot pants and competition and performance cotumes, and sew a little, make timetables and plan workshops and courses plus a lot of other things. And I teach Pole Tricks, Pole & Chair Choreo and Pole heels classes. 

My family includes: Husband, child and 2 dogs 

My favorite color: 50 shades of green 🤪

Favorite animal: Parrot. Dogs are really cool too

I prefer to read: Biography, non-fiction and history.

Favorite food: Pizza ❤️

When I grow up...: I don't think I can do it 😆

Funniest way to spend time: Friends and Rock festival Naamat ❤️❤️ 

My hobbies: Outdoors, cycling, aerial acrobatics, photography, videography, drawing, carpenytry, green plants and dancing

I would like to learn: Walking on a tightrope, juggling, tricks on a hula hoop and being neater and more organized 😆

Motto: "Everything you can imagine is real"