Impi Studio Competition 19 August 2023


Impi Studio holds the first competitions at Impi Studio.

You can participate in the competition in any act maximum of 5 poles, one aerial rigging point or an empty stage are used in the competitions. Impi studio equipment can be borrowed or you can bring your own equipment. Solos, duos and groups all compete in the same group.

Rules: No oils or other slippery liquids. No weapons. Only your imagination is the limit. The competition is K18, so competitors must be atleast 18 yo of age. The duration of the performance is 3-6 minutes.


1. Students/ Amateurs

2. Instructors/ Professionals

We will have the right change competitor to other category if needed. 

The best and most entertaining Show wins.

A total of 30 competition performances will be accepted into the competition.

The application starts on 18 May 2023 at 18:00

and ends until the 30 performers are full or no later than June 30, 2023

Performers are selected in order of registration.


Registration fee 20€/person

Pay from this link upon registration!


1. €200 gift card to the Impi Store

2. €100 gift card to Impi Store

3. €50 gift card to the Impi Store



Janica Emilia


Diana Harten



Music 7.8.2023 (in the right size, the most common file formats, no links to streaming services)

Notification of equipment 7 August 2023 (i.e. you are you using any equipment from Impi or something of your own, etc.)

Download the music as a file via this link

 If you have any questions email