Burly Moves - Christmas season 2023

Burly Moves - Christmas season 2023

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Burly Moves is a seductively wonderful dance class by burlesque artist Goldie Starlett, where we get to move ourselves to the rhythm of the music, enjoy the joy of dancing and feel the best thing in the world - burlesque!

In the course, you adopt a burlesque attitude, boldly create an atmosphere of the individual charm of your own body and movement, and enjoy uninhibited feminine movement language and sensual gestures, thus diving into the enchanting world of burlesque. During the course, dance technique based on classical burlesque art is learned and wonderfully suggestive choreography is danced.

The course is suitable for you if you have basic functional ability and some body control (you can go to the floor on your knees in the middle of the dance, etc.) and you have danced at least some type of dance or even danced on a night club table. People with no dance skills, no sense of rhythm, and first-timers are also welcome if they have a different background in sports. Experience with burlesque-based dances or art hobby is not necessary, but burlesque dancers can of course join. Although the course is so-called no-level class, i.e. it is suitable for dancers of many levels, the lessons progress a little faster than in very beginner courses.

With this course, you can perform if you want, because IMPI traditionally has parties several times a year! During the course, the group piece will be rehearsed for performance. If performing doesn't appeal to you, don't worry: in these classes you can dance for your own pleasure, even if some of the group who learned in the classes at IMPI's parties will dance. In order to perform, those who want to perform must commit to rehearse the learned choreography at home also between classes.

No undressing during classes. You can dance with socks or heeled, soft-soled indoor dance shoes, in comfortable clothes that allow you to move. You need a water bottle with you, and if you have soft knee pads suitable for dancing, take them with you in case of movements on the floor (you can also buy these from IMPI Studio.

Age limit 16 years. Suitable for everyone regardless of background, gender and body size or shape, and there is no upper age limit for participation.

A total of 6 times

Schedule: 1.11. -13.12.2023
Wednesdays at 20:00-21:00
Note! No hours on Independence Day 6.12.



Goldie Starlett is a burlesque artist and community pedagogue from Helsinki.

Goldie performs all over Finland, performs burlesque art solo and in two duos, teaches classes, and produces burlesque events. Since spring 2020, Goldie has been teaching burlesque and dance at civic and adult colleges, associations, dance schools and private lessons (Kirkkonummi, Vantaa, Helsinki, Kuopio, Hämeenlinna, Tampere, Seinäjoki, Karjaa & Hyvinkää). He has been dancing burlesque-based dances himself since 2015. Goldie works full-time as a professional artist with the support of art grants and as a burlesque entrepreneur.

Find out here: instagram.com/goldiestarlett & facebook.com/goldie.starlett.burlesque.art



Burlesque is performing erotic stage art, which can include e.g. theatre, dance, comedy and stripping. Burlesque is a free art and anyone can do it. Burlesque is the art of covering up, revealing and exaggerating. Burlesque is not only art, entertainment and escapism, but also activism that takes a stand and drives change in society.

Create an account in our reservation system www.varaaheti.fi/impi and we will add you to each lesson.

Cancellation policies: Cancellations from the appointment system 6 hours before the start of the class. Notification by e-mail store@impi.fi. Absence can be replaced with any weekly class in the reservation system. We compensate a maximum of 1 hour/season.

In case of illness: If you fall ill or your child falls ill (less than 6 hours before the class) and you cannot participate, please contact us on WhatsApp or by calling +358505434615. Compensation will be agreed with each person individually.

Uncancelled lessons cannot be compensated.

Impi Studio members use the discount code ImpiJäsen - 15% of the price

Student/unemployed use the discount code ALENNUSR -15% of the price

After the purchase, the student must send a copy of the student card/certificate by e-mail.

The condition for the unemployment discount is that you email the latest daily allowance payment receipt or calculation or Kela's/unemployment fund's daily allowance decision.

e-mail store@impi.fi