Pole Tricks Open level - Spring season 2024

Pole Tricks Open level - Spring season 2024

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In pole dance open level classes, participants get to learn tricks on the pole. The lessons focus on the basic technique on the pole, such as correct grips, holds, spins and body control. We learn simple and more challenging movements and basic spins and combos that form a solid foundation in the sport. The classes also emphasize the development of strength and mobility so that you can perform the movements safely and in a controlled manner.

Instructors encourage participants to find their own style and express themselves through pole dancing. The classes create a positive atmosphere where every participant feels welcome and encouraged. Open level classes offer an exciting path into the world of pole dancing and also provide additional challenges for those who need it, whether it's a first-timer or a more experienced pole dancer. During the lessons, exercises are done according to each individual's skill level and progress.

We create a safe and inclusive space where everyone, regardless of their background, gender and fitness level, can feel comfortable

A total of 20 classes

Schedule: 14.1.-2.6.2024

Wednesdays: 16:15-17:15

NOTE! No classes 31.3. on Easter Day

As directors: Sky

Create an account in our reservation system www.varaaheti.fi/impi and we will add you to each class.

Cancellation policies: Cancellations from the appointment system 6 hours before the start of the class. Notification by e-mail store@impi.fi. Absence can be replaced with any weekly class in the reservation system. We compensate a maximum of 1 hour/season.

In case of illness: If you fall ill or your child falls ill (less than 6 hours before the class) and you cannot participate, please contact us on WhatsApp or by calling +358505434615. Compensation will be agreed with each person individually.

Uncancelled lessons cannot be compensated.

Impi Studio members use the discount code ImpiJäsen - 15% of the price

Student/unemployed use the discount code ALENNUSR -15% of the price

After the purchase, the student must send a copy of the student card/certificate by e-mail.

The condition for the unemployment discount is that you email the latest daily allowance payment receipt or calculation or Kela's/unemployment fund's daily allowance decision.

e-mail store@impi.fi